Friday, May 6, 2011

Uncomfortable Video

Big Idea Images

Father daughter relationship


What is your favorite color?
How important is the appearance or design of the following products in your decision to purchase the product?new car:      very  
What is your 2nd favorite color?Purple/Violet
"When you select pictures, photographs, or other pieces of art for your home, do you find you lean more toward modern or more toward traditional styles?"traditional
"If you had to choose from the following list, which type of art would you say you prefer?"
Which of the following statements applies to you more?older objects
"Would you say that you prefer seing paintings of wild animals, like lions, giraffes, or deer, or that you prefer seeing paintings of domestic animals, like dogs, cats or other pets?
domestic animals
"In general, would you rather see paintings of outdoor scenes or would you rather see paintings of indoor scenes?"outdoors
Which of the following outdoor scenes appeals to you the most?
Paintings of:fields & rural scenes
Which season would you most like to see depicted in a painting?spring
Which of the following types of indoor scenes appeals to you most?flowers
Do you tend to prefer paintings that are related to religion yes
Which of the following statements is closest to your view?
"Paintings don't necessarily have to teach us any lessons, but can just be something a person likes to look at."
Which of the following statements is closest to your view?
"I prefer paintings that are realistic-looking: the more they resemble a photograph, the better"
Do you prefer paintings that exaggerate the dimensions or reality of objects we already know yes
Do you prefer seeing bold, stark designs or more playful, whimsical designs?"whimsical     
Do you tend to favor paintings with sharp angles or ones with soft curves?soft curves
Which patterns do you like better: geometric patterns or more random uneven patterns?" geometric
"Do you like to see expressive brush-strokes on the canvas, or do you prefer that the surface of the canvas be smooth, more like a photograph?"smooth
Do you like to see colors blend into each other or do you like it when different colors are kept apart? apartv
"Every color has a wide range of shades. Take the color blue, for example. An artist can use a bright, vibrant shade of blue, like a royal blue, a pale, muted shade of blue, like light blue, or a darker tone of blue, like dark or midnight blue. In general, which would you say that you prefer? when the artist uses more vibrant shades, paler shades, or darker shades of color?" 
 muted shades
"In general, do you enjoy paintings that have a more serious or a more festive mood?"festive

Thursday, May 5, 2011

lecture homework #9

1. Do you think that your answers  are similar or different from most Americans? In what ways are they similar, and different? similar, I like more traditional art. I like to look at things that I think are beautiful , and when I  look  at the art I feel something inside that makes me happy.I also like the art to  reprsent something that I feel inside. I dont really want that to be abstract or hard to figure out . I like it to be more realistic.

2. Which questions do you think  would be the most helpful if  one was using market research to design new paintings for sale? What questions would you ask differently, or leave out entirely?I wouldn't leave any questions out I think they are all important .I also dont know that I would change any questions I fell  they are all pretty well done , and the answers help to give a good understanding of what people want.

3. Would this work? Why or why not? I feel this is a good idea. If an artist is trying to make a art piece to sell to the masses then he would want to know what most people would want to buy.If he is just making art for him selfe then the survey dosent really matter.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Big idea- ideas

Idea#1- Petunia in a onion patch
        2 glass frames one with a pitcher of my father .On top of that is a pressed onion formed into the shape of a petunia flower. The second glass frame will have a pitcher of of me when I was young. On top of that is petunia flowers shaped into a onion. The two frames will be connected by a woven rope. The rope will be made of objects that reflect our relationship and us as people.ex- his Air force clothes and my baby clothes.        
 Idea #2- Petunia in a onion patch #2  
         the same basic idea only instead of glass frames use glass boxes one holds a display a petunia in a onion patch with my Dads pitcher printed or etched on the glass( I want it to be a little shadow like.) The 2nd glass box will hold a petunia patch  with a onion in it.A shadow pitcher  of me when I was young on the glass. The two boxes are connected together with a woven rope with memories wrote on it.
   Idea #3- Ice Cream baby
               when I was 2 we lived in France. My Dad use to love to take me to  get ice cream All I would be wearing is my diaper my little high heels and my mothers bead neckles . He loves too talk about how cute I was and How I would have choclet icecream all over me . We did that ever Saturday.
               I was thinking a doll with a diaper ,heels, beads and an icecream dripping. A strand of beads will connect the doll to a Air Force uniform. the uniform will have memories of my Dad and I written on it.